IT Training Courses

We provide IT training on the majority of the major software providers like Microsoft®, Adobe®, Corel®, SAP, Aderant, Apple®, along with many other not so mainstream software providers.  We have also written courses based on some of our clients own in house software.

We provide IT Training mainly on site as this saves you money, as you are not having to send your staff off site to be trained.

Being based in the East Midlands, we are in easy reach of Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Coventry.  We do travel to many other locations and provide training throughout the UK and Europe.

All our IT training or Computer training is tailored to suit your business need.  We do not develop “off the shelf” IT courses as they do not fit everyone’s needs.  What you would consider to be Excel Intermediate will be different from what others consider it to be.

How we work with you for your IT Training

We work with you to first of all identify what exactly you need your staff training on, develop exercises that are based upon your business by using examples from your business.

You will then have training manuals developed to suit the tailored training, a set of exercises that we suggest are used after the training to help reinforce the learning.  We can also provide e-learning materials for engaging your learners in the provided content.

IT Training courses provided for

The links below will take you to the relevant IT Training pages.  If you have your own bespoke software that you need to train your staff on then please Contact Us for a quote, either using the contact form or telephone 01283 763 228