Training Courses

We offer a range of training courses in both IT Training and Soft Skills/Management Training.

We can either deliver your own course content, write the course for your trainers to deliver, write and deliver the course to your staff, train your staff to deliver the training materials and we can write your e-learning materials.

However, remember we are course designers and can write courses to suit your specific business needs.

All our course outlines have been developed to provide you with a starting point.  You can choose to take the outline and use that for your course or you could look at all the outlines and just choose the relevant content for your needs.

We have written hundreds of courses for clients and 5 full training academies. Not only traditional training courses but also e-learning courses as well.

We have a list of courses we have designed and delivered for our clients. These have been broken down into IT training courses available here and our Soft Skills/Management Skills courses available here.

Talk to us about how to measure the effectiveness of training, as well as to discuss how training helps employee engagement.