What do you want?

As a visitor to the site, what do you want from Efficient Training Solutions?

We provide training on a huge range of subjects, so we are sure we can provide you with the right learning course.  We utilise the skills of some of the countries best trainers who are experts in their chosen fields of learning.

If you do not see a course listed, it may not have yet been added to our list.  We write courses on a regular basis to fit our clients needs, so our portfolio of courses is getting large.

What can we do to keep you coming back to our site?

We are working on a series of mini course content that we are putting online via the site, is there anything else you feel you need?

Also in development is our series of essential learning courses.  These cover basic topics from most of the major software providers and give you a basic knowledge of the software.  From there you will then know what the product is capable of and then be able to tailor your future courses to suit your needs.

We are interested in what you think and we treat all feedback as a gift, bad feedback helps us to improve our service to you, good feedback lets us know we are doing it right.


Just a quick update.

We are working on lots of additional content as well as tweaking the look of the site.  We hope the site meets your approval?

Please feel free to leave any comments as we see feedback as a treasure, yes even the bad feedback helps us develop a better solution for our clients and potential clients.

We are putting more effort into having these pages appear in searches.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the updates.

BTW, if you want to suggest some key subjects you would like us to cover in our blog, please let us know.

Current status

Our previous hosts have let us down one too many times, so we have been forced to move hosts.  During that process we also decided to re-develop the website.

We are adding content daily so do please bear with us as we build all new content.

We hope you like our new branding as well?