“We don’t sell training courses, we deliver business solutions”

Specialising in Software implementation projects, providing full training services for clients.  We design, develop and deliver training on implementation projects from standard desktop applications to bespoke software.

With our service we can design and develop all the materials, slides, manual, handouts, e-learning how to’s and trainer notes.  Then either train your own trainers to deliver or deliver it ourselves.

We can provide e-learning design and development or provide training to clients on e-learning design and development.  We also provide advice on Learning Management Systems (LMS).

We have specialist skills in training and using Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline.

Working with you

All our development is run as a project, with clear timescales and signed off at every stage by the client.  This prevents projects from running over or the content no longer being relevant.

We do work with clients just to come in a deliver their content for them or redesign their old material.  We can also provide training or trainers on projects or training courses for most subjects.  Having a large associate trainer network gives us access to trainers across the world.  If you don’t see a course offered, you can always ask and we will see if we have someone in our network who can provide the service.

Unlike many training companies, we do not provide scheduled courses.  Why?  They don’t work!  Having other students from other companies, sounds good at first.  Then you realise, they all come with their own ideas of what they need to cover.  A sales person from a company compared to a finance person from another company, will want different things from the course.  Also, if the company fails to sell enough seats for the course to run, it gets cancelled.  You also run the risk of the trainer being a junior trainer with no or little business experience.  This is due to training companies hiring in freelance trainers to cover scheduled courses.  The worst part is, they do not even check out the trainers!

Working together, we design and deliver a course that suits your business and the people you want to attend the course.  Not just the content but when!  We can cover shifts or weekends where needed.

Based in Overseal, Swadlincote, South Derbyshire.  We are on the borders of Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Derbyshire.   Travel throughout the Midlands and the rest of the UK is not a problem and we have been known to travel throughout Europe.

We can deliver training in IT Skills and Business courses.  Our business courses cover subjects like, Project Management, Change Management, Managing Performance (the people), Performance Management (the process), Effective Meeting Management, Minute Taking and many more.

If you have any questions about the services we offer then please Contact Us

Training Courses

We offer a range of training courses in both IT Training and Soft Skills/Management Training.

We can either deliver your own course content, write the course for your trainers to deliver, write and deliver the course to your staff, train your staff to deliver the training materials and we can write your e-learning materials.

However, remember we are course designers and can write courses to suit your specific business needs.

All our course outlines have been developed to provide you with a starting point.  You can choose to take the outline and use that for your course or you could look at all the outlines and just choose the relevant content for your needs.

We have written hundreds of courses for clients and 5 full training academies. Not only traditional training courses but also e-learning courses as well.

We have a list of courses we have designed and delivered for our clients. These have been broken down into IT training courses available here and our Soft Skills/Management Skills courses available here.

Talk to us about how to measure the effectiveness of training, as well as to discuss how training helps employee engagement.

Soft Skills – Management Courses

What are Soft Skills?

In business it is suggested that Hard Skills will get you an interview but Soft Skills will get you a job! So whilst you may be well qualified to be a senior partner at a law firm (Hard Skills) it may not always get you the role you want! Without knowledge about team working or managing others (Soft Skills) allowing you to understand and relate to your team in a much better way.

Within this section you will find our offer for Soft Skills/Management Training courses.  The courses listed do tend to be generic and suitable for many company needs.  We would rather work directly with you and tailor the content to your specific business need.  Contact us for a free discussion about your training needs.

Links to be added for the courses we are able to offer

  • Project Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Managing Performance
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Ask more than tell
  • Coaching Skills
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Teamworking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Social Media Strategy